NOCOM 2016 Tradeshow – April 28, 2016

NOCOM 2016 Tradeshow – Thursday April 28th, 2016 9am – 5pm


Look for the following companies and more exhibiting in the trade show hall at NOCOM 2016
Event Exhibitors
Ability Composites                                      AIA Plastics, Inc.
Aims Community College                          
APICS Northern Colorado
Aqua-Hot                                                      ARC Group Worldwide
Avid 3D Printing                                         Blackfox
CAMA                                                            Caroba Plastics
CCX Corporation                                        City of Loveland/EWI
Colin Spencer Productions                       Colorado State University
Colorado WaterJet Company                   cy3dprinting
Denver Electric Motor                               Denver Precision Products
Design Metal Manufacturing                    Diggles Creative
DSV Air & Sea                                              Dynamic Design & Manufacturing
Epocs Manufacturing                                 Erickson Metals of Colorado
ForkCrane by XYMotion                            Front Range Community College
Frontier Metal Stamping                           General Air
H2 Mfg./Temperature Processing           Hartwig, Inc.
Huebner Marketing Communications    Industrial Battery Service, Inc.
Joy Controls                                                 Kaeser Compressors
Klinger IGI                                                   Linear Manufacturing
Manes Machine & Engineering               Manufacturer’s Edge
Manufacturing Marketing Institute       Marking Systems, Inc.
Moyer Machine & Tool, LLC                    MSC Industrial Direct
Neenan Archistruction                              Omnicon Technical Sales
Palmer Drives, Systems, and Control    Panther Industries, Inc.
Paradigm Research Optics                       Parasoleil
Parkway Products                                      Phoenix Weaponry
PQA International                                     Predictive Safety
Proto-Tel, Inc.                                            Qualtek Manufacturing Inc.
Rocketship Systems, Inc.                         Ron Grob Company
RPC Manufacturing Solutions                Rubadue Wire Co., Inc.
Ryerson                                                        Scion Aviation
Springs Fabrication                                  Stratus X
St. Vrain Manufacturing, Inc.                 Triad Tooling, Inc.
Vergent Products                                       Video Accessory Corp
VSI Parylene                                               WeatherCall Services, LLC
Whip Mix Corporation                             Wolf Robotics
Woodward                                                  Workwell Occupational Medicine
X-CAL                                                          Zebulon Solutions, LLC
Attendee pricing
(prices include a $5 food/drink coupon)
$10 for those who pre-register
$15 at the door
$5 student

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