2015 Colorado Manufacturers Awards Nominations

2015 Colorado Mfg. Awards logo

The Colorado Manufacturing Awards recognize exceptional companies and people shaping the modern manufacturing economy.  CompanyWeek and Manufacturer’s Edge are looking for “game changers” in Colorado manufacturing, market-leading, uber-competitive companies building a sustainable competitive edge in their market.  Companies transforming industries with a product, process, vision, leadership, workforce, strategy, or anything that gives them an edge.

What companies should you nominate?  You know them when you see them — so nominate any company you think deserves the “game changer” label, a company you’re also proud to have in your community.

We’re looking for all sizes and shapes of companies who are leading the way for other Colorado manufacturers in the following categories:

  • Industrial & Contract
  • Beer & Brewing
  • Bioscience & Medical
  • Energy & Environmental
  • Lifestyle & Consumer
  • Electronics & Aerospace
  • Food & Beverage
  • Supply Chain

If you know a Manufacturer who deserves recognition, just fill out our short form here


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